When it comes to maintaining your oral health, there are a few things you should definitely do, and some that you should not. We care about your oral health and want you to understand how to best take care of your teeth. After all, your oral health affects your entire body, believe it or not!

Do: Floss every day

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Flossing is just as important as brushing. Flossing is the only way to clean the surfaces between your teeth where cavities thrive.

Don’t: Lie to the dentist about your hygiene habits

Our goal is to help you have great teeth, and the best way for us to do that is by knowing what your dental hygiene habits are.

Do: See your dentist every six months

Regular dental visits are important for more than just cleaning your teeth. Dental issues usually arise without you even noticing. You could have an advanced form of gum disease or the early stages of oral cancer without so much as a toothache. Regular dental visits allow us to examine your mouth for warning signs of serious diseases, as well as keep your teeth clean and shiny.

Don’t: Wait until there is a major issue before coming in

Similar to the above, you don’t want to wait until an abscess occurs or a tooth falls out before coming in for a visit.

Do: Drink plenty of water

Water helps to rinse away acids and sugars that bacteria thrive on. It also ensures you have a healthy amount of saliva in your mouth, which works as a constant defense against cavities.

Don’t: Overdo it on sugary drinks and candies

Only indulge in sugary drinks and candies occasionally, and make sure to follow up any soda or sports drink with a swish of water. The bacteria that cause cavities likes to eat sugar, so if you don’t want to feed the bacteria in your mouth, stick to unsweetened beverages and water.

Do: Brush at least twice a day

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Most people choose to brush in the morning and before bed, but many throw in a third brushing around lunchtime. Use short back and forth strokes and brush for at least two minutes, ensuring you dedicate time to the fronts, backs, and surfaces of your teeth. (And, of course, follow up by flossing).

Don’t: Use a very hard-bristled toothbrush

While a hard-bristled brush might feel like it is getting your teeth cleaner, it actually might be doing more harm than good by causing receding gum lines. Brushing your teeth gets them clean by gingerly loosening the build-up through circular brushing motions, not by chiseling it off like a sculptor carving a statue. Soft to medium hardness bristles will get your teeth clean if you follow recommended brushing protocol.

Do: Take steps to have great teeth

You get one set of adult teeth so be proactive in your oral health. Floss every day, brush twice a day, and swish with mouthwash. You are the only person with the power to keep your teeth strong and healthy, so spend five minutes every day taking care of your teeth. It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of healthy chompers.

Don’t: Ignore issues just because you don’t want to go to the dentist

Bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, or loose teeth are not normal. Don’t ignore these oral health issues.

Do: Come By And See Us Soon!

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