Fall is here! That means there will likely be an abundance of sweet treats, sugary lattes, and red wine — all of which scream trouble for your teeth! Thankfully, there are ways to indulge in fall festivities without risking the health or beauty of your teeth. Keep reading to learn some tips from your team of dentists at Century Dental and Seaview Dental!

Wait For Your Coffee To Cool Down

We’ll start with an easy one. While it can be tempting to take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte the second the barista hands it to you, make sure to give it a few minutes to cool down. Mouth burns from hot food and drinks are typically first degree burns, but because the inside of your mouth is so sensitive, it can feel much more severe, leading to pain, inflammation, and even blisters. These burns will usually resolve themselves in about a week, but the pain can make it uncomfortable to keep up with your normal oral hygiene routine. So, even if it’s cold outside, let that hot drink cool down before you take a sip.

Avoid Stains From Holiday Drinks

Nothing screams, “It’s the holidays!” like some mulled red wine enhanced with cinnamon, sugar, and oranges. While this holiday favorite is warming and delicious, it is also more acidic and sugary than a glass of red wine. Regardless of what beverages you indulge in this fall, it is important to remember that acidic and deep-hued drinks like coffee and red wine promote enamel erosion, making the perfect surface for their colorful pigments to soak in and leave stains. After you drink coffee or wine, swish some water in your mouth to rinse away lingering pigments. Using a whitening toothpaste can also help remove surface stains from your teeth.

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Follow A Strict Oral Hygiene Routine

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, and floss once a day to remove any lingering food particles from between your teeth. After a day of sugary fall treats, be extra vigilant to brush and floss your teeth to create a clean environment while you sleep. For even more protection, use a fluoride toothpaste and swish with a mouthwash after brushing.

Schedule An Appointment This Fall

Whether you want to visit our dental offices for a professional teeth whitening treatment or you’re experiencing a specific problem, the friendly staff at Century Dental and Seaview Dental are here to provide you with the comprehensive dental treatments you need. It is recommended to see a dentist for a checkup every six months, so if it has been a while since your last visit, be sure to schedule one soon! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to neglect regular dental care. Thankfully, we make it easy to see a dentist with two convenient locations in Eatontown and Jackson, New Jersey. Contact the dental office nearest you to schedule an appointment!