Good oral hygiene is important for more than just having a white, shiny smile. It helps to get rid of harmful bacteria that can cause infection and lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.

At Century Dental and Seaview Dental, we take great pride in offering our patients the best dental experience in New Jersey. This includes preventative dental care to help keep your teeth healthy and catch red flags before they become big problems. We also specialize in treating periodontal disease, placing implants, and treating other serious oral health problems.

We encourage you to take the proactive oral hygiene steps below to decrease your likelihood of developing gum disease, cavities, or other serious dental issues.

Good Dental Hygiene Habits

  1. Brush Your Teeth Correctly: Brush your teeth at least twice per day to help remove plaque from the surface of your teeth. Place your brush at a 45-degree angle against the gums and brush back and forth in short motions. Be sure to brush the fronts and backs of the teeth, as well as the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. And don’t forget to brush your tongue!
  2. Floss Regularly – Not Just Five Minutes Before Your Dentist Appointment: You should ideally floss once per day to help remove food and bacteria from between your teeth.
  3. Floss Correctly: Just like brushing, there is a “correct way” to floss that has been shown to get the best results. Start by using a piece of floss about 18-inches in length. Wrap the floss around the forefingers and thumbs on both hands and wind it up until there is about an inch of space in between. Using a back-and-forth rubbing motion, slide the floss between your teeth down to the gum line, conforming to the shape of the tooth. Then pull the floss back up, and re-insert it into the same space, but conform to the other tooth this time, still using a rubbing motion. Repeat this on all of your teeth, using a new section of floss for every few teeth to avoid spreading bacteria.
  4. Clean And Change Your Toothbrush: Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each use and store it in a place where it can air dry. Additionally, remember that toothbrushes are not meant to last a lifetime. When bristles get frayed and worn-down, they do not clean the teeth as effectively as they once did. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. 
  5. Use Mouthwash: Mouthwash is a supplement to the above. An antimicrobial mouthwash can help get rid of bacteria, some of which can cause gum disease, and can help to keep your breath fresh and your mouth clean.

Additional Tips To Remember About Oral Hygiene

  • Acidic beverages like coffee and soda, as well as sugary drinks, can weaken your enamel, feed the bacteria in your mouth, and lead to tooth decay. Drink these in moderation and swish your mouth with water after drinking them.
  • Smoking can stain teeth and significantly increase the risk of developing gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Schedule a dental checkup! We can take x-rays to look for hidden problems and thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth to catch any problems early.

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