Teeth are something you use every day. In fact, life would be infinitely more difficult if you didn’t have teeth. You use your teeth to eat your food, to talk, and to smile, which makes connections with others. They give the lower part of your face structure and shape. Teeth, in essence, are important in your life.

Our Century Dental family offers the best dental treatments. We offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. We have two convenient locations — Eatontown and Jackson — to better serve you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the parts of your tooth. Contact us today for all your dental care needs!


Your teeth have two major component parts: the crown (the part you can see) and the root (the part you can’t see). The root lies below the gumline and is attached to the bone of your jaw. Sometimes the gum can wear away, exposing some of the root of your tooth. The center of your root is what is known as the root canal. This is the area that can be infected and is the cause for the dental procedure known by the same name. A root canal is essentially cleaning out of the infected part of your tooth and replacing it with a filling material so your tooth can be saved.

The tooth itself is typically broken down into four major components.

  1. Enamel. The enamel is what you brush every day and what you see everyday. It’s the protective coating of your tooth and is one of the hardest substances in your body.
  2. Dentin. The dentin is the layer below your enamel. This layer of the tooth is very soft and is easily affected by cavities. It forms the majority of your tooth.
  3. Pulp. The pulp is the center of your tooth, which contains the nerves and blood vessels that nourishes your tooth.
  4. Cementum. The cementum covers the root of your tooth and is not as hard as the enamel.


  • Gums. Your gums, also known as gingiva, are the soft tissues that cover and protect the roots of your teeth.
  • Periodontal ligament. The periodontal ligament is the connective tissues and fibers that connect the root or cementum to the socket. They act as shock absorbers for our teeth when we chew.
  • Bone. The bone or bone socket surrounds and supports the roots of your tooth.
  • Oral mucosa. This term refers to all of the tissues in your mouth.


Century Dental has dedicated our lives to helping people maintain good oral health. We do this through regular dental cleanings and checkups, which is the best way to monitor your teeth and catch anything amiss early on. Dental treatments are not as invasive in the early stages of a dental problem. However, our restorative dentistry services, which are available at our Seaview Dental office in Eatontown and our Century Dental office in Jackson, can help you restore your smile. We offer crowns, tooth-colored fillings, dental sealants, root canal therapy, and more.

Your teeth are some of the first things people notice about you. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as professional teeth whitening, dental bonding, and Invisalign treatments, will have your teeth looking amazing.

If you’re looking for a dentist, give Seaview Dental or Century Dental a call. We can get you scheduled right away for a dental evaluation, cleaning, and any other dental concerns you may have. Our friendly office staff can answer all of your questions, including questions about your dental insurance. Contact us today to get started!