When it comes to finding the right dentist, there is a lot to consider. Many of us have had some sort of negative dentist experience in the past, so picking a new one can seem intimidating. A quick Google search for “best dentists near me” returns a long list of results, and it’s hard to organize the amount of information in front of you. To make the process a little easier, we are going to offer some advice on what to consider when choosing the right dentist for you.

Our three locations in Eatontown, Jackson, and Pine Beach (Seaview Dental, Century Dental, and Century Dental East, respectively) house some of the best dentists around who are happy to help manage preventative care and tackle the most severe dental problems.

Choose A Convenient Dental Practice

The fact is, if it’s impossible for you to get in for an appointment because of your schedule, you’re likely going to put off your visit. Not everyone can leave work for an hour or hire a babysitter to watch the kids while they go to the dentist.

To help make this a little easier, our three locations have multiple hours. Our Seaview Dental location is open four days a week until 8:00pm, and both our Eatontown dentist office and our dentist office in Jackson, NJ offer Saturday appointments.

And of course, as we’ve mentioned, we have three locations near the Jersey Shore so you will never have to travel far to see your favorite dentists.

Need To See A Dentist? Get In Touch Today

Choose A Dentist You Can Count On During An Emergency

Whether you are a regular at Century Dental, Century Dental East, or Seaview Dental, or you’ve never been in to see us before, we want to be here for you during an emergency. If you need emergency dental treatment for a knocked out tooth, chipped or broken tooth, any sort of severe infection or another dental emergency, give us a call ASAP. We have an after-hours answering machine and our on-call dentist can get back to you as soon as possible to arrange treatment.

Choose A Dentist That Is Knowledgeable About Total-Body Health

Did you know that health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions may require adjusted dental care? Your oral health is closely intertwined with the health of the rest of your body and everything should be taken into account when performing dental treatments. Our dentists specialize in this practice and are aware of what precautions to take and when.

Choose A Dental Clinic That Has Multiple Dentists

This one may seem interesting, but there is power in numbers. When a dentist is the only doctor at their clinic, they may not be exposed to the wealth of knowledge that other dentists bring to the table. Our five dentists are spread out through our three convenient locations and all specialize in different areas. For example, three of our dentists have Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degrees, and the other two have Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degrees. But their education isn’t the only thing important about them. Each one has something special that they bring that makes our practice better a whole.

For example, Dr. Port specializes in implant dentistry and periodontal treatment and rebuilds smiles practically from scratch. Dr. Cohn is an expert in denture prosthetics to give clients natural-looking smiles. Dr. Garland was ahead of his time in using the latest computer technology to provide the most effective cosmetic dentistry to his patients. Dr. Griepenburg has over three decades of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry experience and continues to update his knowledge to bring the best practices to the office. Lastly, Dr. Oliveira comes from a long line of dentists and has shared his knowledge about disease prevention with children’s hospitals, orphanages, and disadvantaged communities. Dr. Oliveira also speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, making him the perfect dentist for patients who are more comfortable in either of these languages.

While these doctors all bring something unique to our practice, we really cannot forget about our skilled, gentle, and detail-oriented hygienists who spend time with patients every day, calming their nerves and ensuring their mouths and teeth are healthy.  

Choose Century Dental For Your Next Dentist Appointment

Century Dental, Century Dental East, and Seaview Dental offer amazing office hours, after-house emergency treatment, and a team that is committed to your overall health, satisfaction, and happiness. Schedule an appointment at one of our Jersey Shore dentist offices today!