Century Dental is our Jackson dentist office, located conveniently along Veterans Highway. With two other locations near Jersey Shore, our expert team of dentists, hygienists, and assistants are never far away. We offer both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, as well as general hygiene and dental exams. We specialize in restoring teeth and making smiles shine through various methods, depending on your needs. We have done over 22,000 dental implants in our nearly forty years in business, and can also offer periodontal treatment, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, teeth whitening, Invisalign®, and much more. Check out our complete list of dental services at our Jackson dentists’ office, or follow the link below to schedule an appointment. If you are having a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact any of our dental clinics.

Looking For A “Dentist Near Me”?

Most people are pretty busy these days. You likely have a to-do list full of items like wash the car, go to the grocery store, pay the bills, and walk the dog. Since you’re on this page, you likely have “find a dentist near me” on that todo list too! Well, we’re here to help you check that item off your list. As your local dentist, we provide all types of dental procedures at our Jackson office, from general checkups and cleanings to dental implants, bridges, dentures, root canals, and periodontal treatments.

Sedation Dentistry Jackson Township

We know some people get nervous about dental procedures. Whether you are finally facing the fact that your cavity is only going to get worse if you don’t take care of it or need treatment for periodontal disease, we want to make that experience as comfortable as possible. That is why we offer sedation dentistry for certain procedures. Nitrous oxide, better known at the dentist’s’ office as “laughing gas”, is a colorless and odorless chemical compound that functions as a local sedative. Laughing gas is considered a safe way to make patients feel calm and relaxed, and can even be used on children who are anxious about visiting the dentist. While it is a sedative, nitrous oxide will not “put you out” or make you unconscious, and you will still be able to communicate with your dentist and follow directions. The effects wear off soon after the gas stops flowing, and you should be able to drive yourself home afterward.

Dental Implants And Other Procedures

We offer dental implants in Jackson Township, as well as at our other locations. Dr. Ira Port is a skilled implantologist and periodontist and has successfully placed thousands of dental implants since he entered the field over thirty years ago — so you know you are in the best hands when you trust our team to take care of your dental implants. Our other general and cosmetic dentists are incredibly experienced and skilled at restoring smiles and helping patients leave our dentist offices feeling confident.

Our cosmetic dentists in Jackson Township offer professional teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and veneers, dental bonding, Invisalign (clear braces), and other restorative practices to help improve the aesthetics of your smile. We also offer general dentistry treatments such as tooth repair, sealants, fillings, and root canals.

Periodontal Treatment

We specialize in treating periodontal disease — a severe form of gum disease that must be treated. If perio is left untreated, it can target not only the gums but the bone structures that hold the teeth in place. Extreme cases of periodontitis can result in loss of teeth and jaw bone. If you have any signs of gum disease such as bleeding, inflamed, or tender gums, receding gums, loose teeth, mouth sores, or persistent bad breath, we urge you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to save your teeth and your smile. We are here for you and want to help you achieve the best teeth possible. We offer multiple financing options, accept most insurance plans as well as Care Credit.

Get To Know Your Dentists In Jackson, NJ

We know you might have a full schedule, so we do our part help accommodate busy patients. The hours at our three dental offices vary, and some are open later than others. Century Dental, your preferred dentist in Jackson Township, is open every-other Saturday to give some extra time to patients who cannot come during the work week. Not to mention, knowing dentists that are open on Saturdays can be a big help for weekend emergencies. You can see our full list of daily hours below. However, we are here for you at any time. If you need an emergency dentist after hours, give us a call and our dentist-on-call will arrange for treatment as soon as possible.

If you need to see a dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning, to discuss pain or discomfort you may be having, or to go over options for restoring your smile, please do not hesitate to contact Century Dental in Jackson Township, NJ. We have a friendly team who is ready to welcome you in and get you started on your journey toward better oral health. Schedule a visit to see your dentist in Jackson, NJ at Century Dental today!