How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity?

When you have a cavity you will often experience pain. Your tooth will become sensitive to the touch as well as to hot and cold. You may also feel some sensitivity when you eat or drink something sugary. Other signs that you may have a cavity can include brown, black, or even white staining on your tooth and sometimes, you will even notice visible holes.

However, many times there are no symptoms of a cavity at all — especially when it’s in the early stages. This is why it is so important to visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up. A small cavity, when allowed to grow, can cause much bigger problems down the road. Routine dental exams enable your dentist to spot any cavities in the early stages and prevent larger issues. 

What Is Composite Filling?

A composite filling is made from a ceramic and plastic compound. Composite fillings are tooth-colored so they won’t disrupt your smile. They are superior to old amalgam fillings because they are mercury-free, and require less of the tooth to be removed. Composite fillings also bond directly to your tooth for strength. 

Can I Replace My Amalgam Fillings With Composite Fillings?

Absolutely! One of the easiest ways to improve your smile is by getting rid of those old metallic amalgam fillings. This is a very common practice — especially with people who have amalgam fillings closer to the front of their mouths. Nobody loves seeing those silver fillings every time they smile. 

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